Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome Back To Music Time! January 4th - 8th

We are back and in full swing in music and movement at Kids 'R' Kids! It is very hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone and we are now in 2010. Man time flies.

This week in music class we are starting a musical "Winter" theme. We will enjoy this fun theme this week and next. The students are in for a very chilly musical time.

We are singing a silly warm up song that the classrooms really seem to like, but we have changed it to match out winter theme. It goes like this: "Mommy made me mash my snowball, I'm mad" the students start out kneeling down and using a soft voice then each time we sing it we stand taller and sing louder. They get a kick out of this and they love that they are actually allowed to use a loud voice in the classroom, I remind them only in music class of course.

This week we are exploring instruments. I have a song called "The First Skater's Waltz" that we are using. We stand in a circle and lay instruments in front of us, we then hold hands and pretend to ice skate around our pond. There is a change in the music where we then stop and pick up the instrument laying in front of us and play it. Then we lay them down and start all over again. This allows the students to experience several different types of instruments.
The toddlers are using this song but they are pretending to be musical ice skaters as we skate around the room.

If we are going to have winter then we have to have a "Snowball Song". We are using paper crumbled up as pretend snowballs. We are singing a song that allows us to work on our tempo as we find new places to put our snowball each time. The students love singing slow like robots and speeding up like the chipmunks. Then of course you can't have snowballs with out throwing them at least once, so we throw them around the room once and then clean them up so we can move on.

We then finish our music class by sitting together and singing good-bye for this week. We completely wrap up our class by then placing their hands on their head and they receive a stamp for the wonderful job they have done!

I'm looking forward to next week!
Ms. Cindy